What is TaxCloud's Premium Trial?

Why Should I Start a Premium Trial?

TaxCloud offers a free 30-day trial of our Premium Plan features to new customers. This trial provides you with the opportunity to explore our comprehensive system, including reporting and data integration functionalities, while managing your transaction information. When you create a new TaxCloud account, you'll be guided through the account setup flow, where you can establish connections to your e-commerce stores and platforms. Need extra guidance on setting up your account? Join one of our upcoming Onboarding Webinars.

What Happens at the End of the Premium 30-Day Free Trial?

The free 30-day trial gives you access to all the features typically included in our Premium Tier

The trial excludes filing services. If you need filing services immediately, simply sign up for a plan).

After the trial, you will be prompted to choose one of our plans—Free, Starter, or continue with Premium.

Unsure which plan to choose? Learn more about the differences between the Free and Starter plans here, and between Starter and Premium here.

Consider the following to guide your decision:

  1. Do you require a Premium Integration
    1. If yes, → opting for the Premium plan is necessary
  2. Would you like TaxCloud to handle your filings?
    1. If yes, → consider choosing at least the Starter or Premium plan.
  3. Do you need filing in 2+ States that are part of the Streamline Program (SST)?
    1. If yes, → Premium is generally the preferred choice as it provides access to the SST program, offering free filing & complimentary TaxCloud orders in qualifying states*.

How to Upgrade from the Trial Early (and Why)

There are two main reasons to choose a plan and start your subscription immediately:

  1. If you want TaxCloud to begin filing for you.
  2. If you need TaxCloud to register you for sales tax collection in a state.

How Do I Know if I Should Be Registering for Sales Tax and Filing?

It's best to consult with a trusted tax professional to determine if you have a nexus and are liable for sales tax collection in that jurisdiction.

When will my account upgrade take effect?

Immediately! Once you've selected your plan and added a payment method, your upgraded subscription will activate immediately, giving you full access to all of TaxCloud’s features and services.

Can I Get My Free Trial Extended?

The 30-day free trial cannot be extended. If you need additional assistance to explore the right plan or set up a complex configuration, please talk to our sales team.

If you can't find the email with the verification link after signing up:

  • Check for typos in the email address you provided.
  • Look in your spam or all mail folders.
  • Contact our Customer Support team with the email address you registered with.

What Should I Do if I Can't Complete the Account Creation Process?

Once you've verified your email address and logged into TaxCloud, you'll be guided through four screens designed to gather essential information about your business:

  1. Provide your business’s address or physical location.
  2. Specify if you require tax calculation, reporting, and/or filing.
  3. Identify which platforms you’d like to connect with TaxCloud.
  4. Optionally, add other team members to your account.

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