Enabling Filing in TaxCloud

If you would like TaxCloud to file on your behalf in a non-SST state, there are a few steps that you'll need to take.

First, you'll need to enable filing & calculation within your TaxCloud account. Next, you'll need to submit your request to TaxCloud Customer Support to alert our filing team of your filing frequency and access to filing portal for each state.

Step 1 - Enable filings in the TaxCloud Dashboard

Navigate to your Manage States tab - Settings > Manage States

Next, click Manage for the state in question

On the Tax Collection tab:

  1. Turn On Collecting by entering the required information and clicking SAVE AND TURN ON
  2. Turn On Filing by entering the required information and clicking TURN ON

Step 2: Submit your request to the TaxCloud Support team.

To review the steps and requirements for submitting your filing request, see here.

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