Understanding the difference between TaxCloud Starter and Premium Plans

TaxCloud Starter plans are ideal for businesses looking for simple sales tax compliance. The Premium plans are perfect for small-to-mid-sized businesses needing real-time calculations and multi-state reporting and filing capabilities.

What is included in the Starter plans?

  • Basic data-import integrations such as Shopify
  • CSV import
  • Single state filing
  • Transaction details
  • Jurisdiction-level reports
  • Download center access
  • Exemption certificates
  • Taxability Information Codes
  • Email Support

What is included in the Premium plans?

  • Includes all Starter plan features
  • Access to Streamline Program (SST) - giving you free filing* and free TaxCloud Orders* in qualifying states (cannot have physical in nexus in state to qualify for free filings & orders)
  • Access to the Taxcloud API
  • API Reporting
  • Real-time calculations with integrations such as Odoo & BigCommerce
  • Premium data import integrations
  • Nationwide filings* (an additional add-on)
  • Premium Plan (Email, phone & Chat Support)

What is the main difference between the two plans?

The Premium plans include access to the TaxCloud API which allows you to calculate sales tax at checkout.

What is the cost of these plans?

To learn more about cost, check out our Pricing page for both monthly and annual pricing.

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