What is an order in TaxCloud?

What counts as an “order” for my subscription plan?

  • Each sale, refund, or return counts as one order. Applying an exemption certificate to an order counts as two orders.
  • Each transaction imported via CSV with a unique "order_id" counts as one order.
  • All imported orders sent to any jurisdiction or state count towards your monthly order limit, regardless of whether sales tax was collected.
  • Any API call that constitutes a unique tax rate lookup or address verification counts as 1/10th of an order towards your monthly order total.

Please note:

  • Orders above your order tier will be billed per order at the tier's per order price, unless you upgrade order tiers.
  • Orders from SST member states do not count toward the plan allotment, provided the merchant is on a Premium plan, enrolled in SST for the member states, and has no physical nexus in the member states.
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