How to add an exemption certificate to TaxCloud

You can add an exemption certificate via API or manually (depending on your platform type). TaxCloud does not verify the exemption certificate details nor do we manage the certificates for expiration.

When adding the certificate via API, refer to TaxCloud's Developer Documentation.

  • The customer has to be signed in to their profile on your website for checkout and will be presented with a checkbox option to provide the exempt cert details.
  • Once the certificate details are added, TaxCloud generates a Certificate ID which is included in the lookup API call to void the sales tax for the sale.

To add an exemption certificate manually:

  1. Have your customer's exemption certificate, business contact information, business ID, and state license numbers (for all states where the exemption certificate will be used).
  2. Enter that information into TaxCloud within Settings > Exemption Certificates > +Add (at the top right corner).
  3. Once the exemption certificate has been added in TaxCloud, our system will generate a TaxCloud exemption "Certificate ID"
  4. Depending on your platform type, you may have to add the Certificate ID to your customer's profile (i.e. in BigCommerce) to ensure the sales tax is voided for that customer's purchase.
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