Best Practices for your TaxCloud Account

  • Though TaxCloud will automatically file and remit for merchants in SST states (and in non-SST states where direct filing has been requested), it is best to check in at least once a month to ensure that TaxCloud is still receiving the correct information to process.
  • TaxCloud's modification window (meant for transaction adjustments) — If you need to make to transactions for the previous month's reporting, you can do this between the 1st -10th of each month.
    • Our development team generates a tax report twice each month. The first report is generated approximately on the 2nd/3rd of the month and the second and final report is generated approximately on the12th of each month.
    • The reports are made available for download on the Tax Reporting page as an xls download so that merchants may review their report for accuracy.
    • It is common for the tax reporting page to not reflect all uploaded data until final reporting, but please let Support know immediately if you note something out of sync with your expected reporting numbers by the13th of each month.
  • TaxCloud will email you an Advice of Remittance which provides an itemized list of SST states and the sales tax to be remitted to each state on the 20th. TaxCloud typically has 2 funding events for remittance.

    The ACH funding events typically occur on the same dates as each tax report is generated. This process is to ensure that TaxCloud collects the appropriate dues and accounts for all changes submitted between the 1st - 10th of the month. It is common for the second Advice of Charge to be $0 if no adjustments were made for the month to be filed.

    Remittance for non SST states will be pulled from your bank account on file by the non SST state directly.

  • Bank accounts are the preferred method of payment for sales tax remittance. There is a 7% convenience fee when using a credit card for sales tax remittance. 

Collecting tax funding for remittance is vital to your sales tax compliance. Please contact TaxCloud Support if you have any debit blocks on your bank account to ensure TaxCloud can complete funding events for SST state remittance.

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