Why did my TaxCloud subscription fee increase?

After 3 years of maintaining unchanged pricing, TaxCloud has decided to update its pricing structure to align with market standards. Despite these changes, TaxCloud remains competitively priced and continues to be a cost-effective solution compared to similar alternatives. Our commitment to providing excellent support and service to all our customers, not just a select few, remains unwavering and unparalleled.

In addition to the pricing restructure, TaxCloud is upgrading its billing infrastructure to better support your business's needs by simplifying the invoicing process. Instead of charging your monthly base service fees, overages, and filing fees all 25 days after the billing month, we will now bill you at the beginning of each month/billing cycle for your base subscription cost for the quantity of orders to use over the next month/year (depending on monthly or annual plans)  

Our new pricing model enables businesses to more reliably plan, budget, and anticipate their costs, through increased transparency and simplicity.

How does it work?

  1. Base Subscription Fees: At the beginning of the month, you will be billed for your base service fees for that month for the Subscription Level and # of Orders included in your selected plan.
    1. Subscription Level - Starter or Premium, determine whether you have API access, enrollment in the SST program (which gives you free filing & orders in qualifying states), and other premium level features.
    2. Orders Included - You pay for a number of orders included in your monthly or yearly plan. This is billed at the beginning of your 30 day billing period. Orders exceeding the allotment in the period are billed at the price-per order rate
  2. Additional Services and Overages: Any costs for additional services, such as filings, or overages of monthly allotted orders, will be added to the following invoice. These charges will be itemized in a new billing section within your TaxCloud account for easy reference

When will this take effect?

These changes took effect on April 1st. Please note that January, February, and March invoices follow TaxCloud's previous pricing and billing cadence; at the end of the month, you were billed for the previous month's usage.

What does this change mean for my subscription cost?

Based on your past usage and integration needs, our system migrated you to the plan that best suited your business’s needs. You can read more about our Starter, Premium, and Free plans here.

Can I change the plan & number of monthly orders?

Yes. Navigate to Settings > Plans & Billing to view & change your plan or the quantity of included orders, if you determine a different plan is better suited for your business.

Are there discounts available for yearly plans?

Yes, Navigate to Settings > Plans & Billing > Change Plan button, under the Order Tier header you'll be able to select Monthly or Annual which includes the discounted price.

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