What happens if I go over my allotment of orders?

TaxCloud's pricing plans include a specific number of orders per month or per year, depending on whether you're on an annual or monthly plan.

Orders that exceed your monthly or annual allotment (depending on your plan) will be charged on an a-la-carte basis at the per-order price of your plan. You can determine the per-order price by dividing the cost of your plan by the number of included orders.

If you anticipate exceeding the number of orders included in your plan, you can always adjust your plan tier in your account settings. Generally, as your business's volume approaches the next TaxCloud plan tier, upgrading to that plan becomes more cost-effective than paying for additional orders on an a-la-carte basis in a lower-tier plan. Additionally, as the number of orders in your plan increases, the price per order decreases at each tier level.

How will I know if I am exceeding my monthly or annual order allotment?

To monitor your monthly or annual order allotment and your current usage, navigate to Settings > Plans & Billing in your TaxCloud dashboard located on the left-hand side main menu.

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