How to Connect my TaxCloud Account to Netsuite

Connecting your TaxCloud account to Netsuite was just made simple. All you need to do is request a link from either our Support or Onboarding teams.

Create your TaxCloud Account

  • If you have not already, sign in to TaxCloud to create your account.

Configure your TaxCloud Account

  • Ensure your TaxCloud Account tab is complete.
    • Enter your business name, EIN, Entity type, and State of Corporation.
      • An EIN is required for your store to go Live.
  • To connect your TaxCloud account to Netsuite, you will need to request a link from our Support or Onboarding teams.
    • If you elect to add Onboarding to your service plan, you can request the link to connect to Netsuite from the Onboarding team.
      • If not, please reach out to the Support Team to request the link.
    • Please be sure to share the answers to the below questions when requesting the link:
      • How are you handling tax calculations in Netsuite today? (or the systems that are feeding order data to Netsuite)
      • In a sentence or two, please describe where orders are captured and how they get into Netsuite.
      • Do you have products that have broad-category tax exemptions?
        • Examples of this would be farm equipment or medical supplies. Please describe it in 1-2 sentences.
      • Do you have any tax-exempt customers that you sell to? If yes, or if this is a potential to happen, please describe it in 1-2 sentences.
      • What period would you like to have TaxCloud begin filing for you, using the Netsuite data?
  • Once our Support or Onboarding Teams send the link:
    1. Click the Link to get taken to the Netsuite integration setup page.
    2. Follow the steps on that page to install the guide.

Confirm your store is connected

  • After you confirm the bundle is installed, please reach out to either the Customer Support team or if you are undergoing Onboarding, connect with the Onboarding team to let them know that the setup is complete.
    • The team will then check your connection to confirm that your store is connected.
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