What are TaxCloud Filing Fees?

Streamline Program Member states (SST): FREE (with Premium Plans*)

TaxCloud customers in a Premium Plan have access to the SST program discounts which allows TaxCloud to file in the following states for free, provided your business does not have a physical presence in the state.

Arkansas Georgia Indiana
lowa Kansas Kentucky
Michigan Minnesota Nebraska
Nevada New Jersey North Carolina
North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma
Pennsylvania (Not SST) Rhode Island South Dakota
Tennessee Utah Vermont
Washington West Virginia Wisconsin

*Businesses in TaxCloud's Starter Plan, or who have a physical presence in one of the states above, will pay the Standard Filing Fee of $30 for those states.

Direct Filing States: (Non-SST):

The following states are filed directly by TaxCloud's filing team, and incur the Standard Filing Fee of $30 (unless otherwise noted below).

Colorado ($90) TaxCloud files at the state level and through the SUTS program for lower jurisdictions in CO. We do not file in lower jurisdictions that are not part of the SUTS program.
Colorado RDF Retail Delivery Fee ("RDF") return for qualifying businesses with $500,000 or more in sales within CO in the most recent calendar year.
District of Columbia
Louisiana ($60) TaxCloud only files at the state level and through the Remote Sellers Commission in LA
New Mexico
New York
Puerto Rico
South Carolina
Washington B&0 Business & Occupation (B&O) tax


Are returns filed for $0 considered a filing and subject the to filing fee?

Yes, when TaxCloud's Filing Team prepares and submits a filing for your business, it is treated the same as if it were prepared and filed with a tax liability greater than $0. The work of preparing and filing is the same.

What is a Premium Filing Fee?

Premium Filings are much more labor intensive and complex. You'll see this fee associated with filings for Louisiana & Colorado (not the CO RDF filing)

When does TaxCloud bill for filings

You'll see the filings on the invoice following the month in which the filings were submitted to the states.

Example: Two standard filings are submitted on May 19th, for April's sales. The next invoice in June will contain Standard Filings: $30 x 2 = $60

I see Washington in the SST states that file for free for Premium users, why do I also see Washington B&O below with the standard filings?

In the state of Washington, businesses encounter two main types of taxes: sales taxes and Business and Occupation (B&O) taxes. While both are forms of taxation, they serve different purposes and are administered differently. The WA B&O as a separate tax, incurs the $30 standard filing fee as it is not part of Business Sales & Use tax covered by the SST program. Read more about WA B&O here.

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