Shopify Integration Guide

How do I connect my TaxCloud Account to Shopify?

We have a simple to install app that can take you less than 2 minutes to get installed and configured.

*Important - if you have a previous version of the TaxCloud Shopify App installed, please uninstall it first.*

  1. Install the TaxCloud Sales Tax Automation App from the Shopify App Store.

  1. Follow the steps on the screen and either Log in to your existing TaxCloud account, or create a new one.

  2. If you're creating a new account, follow all the steps to fill in your business information.

  3. If you're creating a new account, you'll also need to go to your email inbox to verify your email address by clicking on a single-use link in the email titled ‘Your TaxCloud account is ready!’

That's all!

Demonstration video of how to install the Shopify TaxCloud app to integrate your store.

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