Verify Your TaxCloud Account is Complete for Calculations

Ensure your TaxCloud profile is set up based on your business needs and requirements. Tax calculations are determined on these account settings. If the TaxCloud profile is incomplete or missing a setting, it could result in an incorrect sales tax calculation. Confirm the following account settings.

  • All of your physical locations are added to TaxCloud. To add locations, log in to the TaxCloud portal and select Settings> Locations.
  • All states where you’re registered due to an economic nexus to calculate sales tax are properly set up under Settings > Manage States. States that are selected to calculate tax will appear in blue. To add states, select Manage and add the license number. To select individual states within the SST program, contact the Support team at 1-877-829-2568 or
  • Some jurisdictions offer special flat rate programs for remote sellers. You must be registered separately for that program. Update the TaxCloud profile with the new license number to get the flat rate. Ex: Alabama’s Simplified Sellers Use program license numbers start with SSU-RXXXXXX. TaxCloud will recognize the license number and calculate it at a flat rate.
  • Ensure your customer is marked exempt or taxable. If you have an integration with TaxCloud, this could be done in your eCommerce platform. You can also add exemptions directly into TaxCloud by navigating to Settings > Exemption Certificates > Select +Add button (top right corner).
  • If your product has varying taxability throughout the United States, confirm that you use the proper product Taxability Information Codes (TIC) so TaxCloud calculates correctly. 

If the above information is not properly set up for your business needs, update the settings and reprocess the order for the new rate. If all of the above is fully set up and the rate still appears incorrect, please email us at

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