Transaction Timestamp Policy

When you send transaction information to TaxCloud using an API or import transaction data, we rely upon international standards to correctly stamp the date and time of each transaction. As a sales tax calculation and remittance engine, date information describing when a transaction has been captured or shipped is necessary to properly calculate and remit the tax amount due. 

TaxCloud uses the Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) as it's the global standard for recording time. All transactions with timestamps on or after 5 p.m. PDT/ 8:00 p.m. EDT on the final day of the month will be taxed and stored on the first day of the following month.

When TaxCloud receives an API call, all date information is adjusted to UTC. CSV imports have several columns where a date and time are required. The time resolution is to the nearest minute. If the time value has seconds less than 30, then the time will round down to the nearest minute. If the time value has seconds equal to or greater than 30, the time will round up to the nearest minute. 

TransactionDate column includes the year, month, and day and is recorded as a single integer value (YYYYMMDD) and doesn't require a timestamp. The saved format in our database is 2019-06-30 00:00.

The AuthorizedCaptured, and ShippingDate column's date and time fields will adjust to UTC 0 during data ingestion.

Note: Due to UTC timing, there may be occasions where some transactions completed on the last day of the month may be captured for the first day of the following month instead. See this article on transaction import timing.

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