What is a multi-state id or sstid?

A multi-state id is the business identifier issued to a business that is registered with Streamlined programs Central Registration system. 

This single ID is used by TaxCloud when we transmit sales tax filings to all member states.* Any sales tax licenses obtained in SSUTA states would be subsequently "filed under" your multi-state ID as the state will recognize TaxCloud as your Certified Service Provider (CSP).

TaxCloud customers receive their multi-state id within 3-5 business days after their account status has been set to 'Live'. Once our system has updated with your multi-state id, you can find it in your account profile. 

You can locate your multi-state id by logging into your TaxCloud account and navigating to the drop-down menu next to your name in the upper-left corner of your screen. 

Click on 'Account', and you'll be presented with your Account Details.


As seen in the illustration below, your multi-state id is referred to as SSUTA ID and represented by a leading 'S' followed by a series of digits. 


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