I just got a filing frequency change notice, what should I do?

States that are not a part of the SST program will sometimes assess your sales tax liability and issue a change in the frequency in which you are required to submit your sales tax liability to the state. If you get a filing frequency change notice, here is what to do:

What if my filing frequency changes?

If you receive a notification from the state, send a copy of the notice to the TaxCloud Support team via email or chat. The team will ensure the filing frequency is updated and your returns are filed on time.

  • Notices must be sent to TaxCloud before the end of the filing period to ensure on-time filing.
    • Ex) If you receive a notice indicating that the filing frequency is changing to monthly, and the first month at the monthly frequency is for the May filing period, then you must notify TaxCloud by May 31st to guarantee on-time filing for the May period.

What is my filing frequency?

Once you have registered for a sales tax license, the state will designate the frequency with which you are required to submit your returns. The filing frequency can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, depending on the regulations of each state and your sales volume.

  • It is important to adhere to the filing frequency assigned to your sales tax account.
  • If you attempt to submit a return and payment using a schedule that does not match your state-assigned filing frequency, the state may assess penalty and interest fees on to your account.
  • You may also be required to amend and correct previous filings.

What if I do not know when my filing frequency is?

If you've registered for a sales tax license and you're not sure of your frequency, reach out to the state's DoR to confirm your filing frequency. We provide the contact for the State DoRs in this article.

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