How to Connect my TaxCloud Account to QuickBooks Online


  1. Create a TaxCloud Account
  2. Configure Your TaxCloud Account
    1. Setup QuickBooks store
    2. Add business locations
    3. Select states for Tax Calculation
    4. Add payment method
    5. Select a Service Plan
  3. Link your QuickBooks account to TaxCloud
  4. Configure Your Products
  5. Mark your TaxCloud Store Live!

Steps to connect your QuickBooks Online account to your TaxCloud account:

  1. Sign in to your TaxCloud account.
  2. Select Stores from the menu on the left side.


  3. Add a new store by clicking the red +Add button in the upper right-hand corner.

    Add a new store

  4. Select QuickBooks from the dropdown menu under store type.

    QuicckBook option

  5. If you sell items that are excluded from sales tax in one or more states throughout the US, add a default Tax Information Code (TIC). Otherwise, add 0 for all fully taxable items. You’ll be able to add more TICs later.
  6. After you’ve saved the new Store, you can link it to your QuickBooks Online account by clicking Link Store.

    QuickBooks Online account

    You will be prompted to log in to your QuickBooks account.

    QuickBooks account

  7. After you’ve entered your QuickBooks Online credentials, you’ll need to approve TaxCloud’s access to your QuickBooks Online account data by selecting Connect.

    TaxCloud will automatically extract the previous month's transactions within the first week of the current month and recalculate sales tax to accurately file and remit the sales tax returns previously scheduled within TaxCloud. (For example, June's transactions will be extracted in the first week of July.)

  8. Connecting TaxCloud

    Once QuickBooks is linked with TaxCloud, the “link account” button is hidden. Select Get Details on the Store to view more settings. Here you can turn off auto imports, manually import data outside of the automation schedule, or edit the store name and default TIC.

    TaxCloud interface

    TaxCloud settings

  9. When you are ready to submit live transactions, select the green Go Live button. Accounts already live will have a Go-Live date displayed.

If you regularly have customers/wholesale orders that are tax-exempt, please let our Support Team or your Onboarding specialist know. We will need to discuss an additional connection to accommodate for those sales.

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