How to Connect my TaxCloud Account to Odoo Sale (Loyalty)


This module facilitates the integration of Odoo with TaxCloud, enabling automatic computation of sales tax on invoices within the Odoo platform. Starting in Odoo 17, new installations are prohibited, and in Odoo 18 the TaxCloud module(s) won’t exist at all in Odoo. This module helps to manage discounts in tax computations on the TaxCloud.

Module Installation:

  • If you were not using the Odoo App previously, you can install the App by clicking on the “Activate” button and then proceed with the configuration.
  • If you were using the Odoo TaxCloud App previously, you can install our App by clicking on the “Activate” button. Our module will take care of the transition of configuration and data from the existing module and uninstall the odoo TaxCloud module.


The technical and functional configurations are detailed in the documentation for Account TaxCloud. Please refer to the documentation for any questions or technical support.

You can also contact us at <📧> or visit our website at <🌐>


  1. Go to Sales. Create a new sale order, Confirm the same.
  2. Applying Loyalty as 10% to the sale order.

  1. This module calculates the tax only for the discounted price in both sale order and invoice.

  1. In the TaxCloud website, Go to Transactions - - > Reports which shows the recent transactions in Odoo.
  2. We could see the Status of the sale order as “Lookup” and Invoice as “Captured” with the computed taxes as shown below.

  1. If the order has coupon applied and invoice, then the users are not allowed to modify quantity or add a new sale order line which causes a pop-up error.

  1. Users are not allowed to apply coupon when the Sale order is already invoiced.

  1. Users are not allowed to do partial invoice which causes a pop-up error.

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