How to add/remove a contact from your TaxCloud account.

Can I add an additional user to my TaxCloud account?

Yes! TaxCloud provides the ability to add an additional contact to your account so you are not required to share your primary login credentials.

To Add a Contact:

  • Navigate to your Contacts page within the Settings tab in your TaxCloud account.
  • Click on the +Add button on the top right corner of the Contacts page.
  • Fill in the required fields (noted with an asterisk).
  • Choose a contact role.
    • Administrative: Unrestricted access to TaxCloud account
    • Financial: Can see and edit almost everything. Cannot add contacts, or re-issue API Credentials
    • Technical: Cannot see payment details. Cannot modify tax states or licenses
    • Auditor: Can see everything (Payment Methods Masked), but can change nothing
    • User: Same permissions as Auditor
  • Click 'Add' to complete.

To Remove a Contact:

  • Select the blue pencil icon to the left of the contact you'd like to remove.
  • Select 'Delete'.

NOTE: Be sure that you do not remove the only Admin for the TaxCloud account, this will disrupt access to your account. Please add a new Admin before deleting the only contact in an Admin role.

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